Our Customers


Newcam have built our single story extension including all decorating and finishes. Their original site visit was impressive - ready with many highly relevant questions having seen the plans. Their quote was very competitive too. The quality of the work has been excellent, and on the couple of occasions there have been issues, the problems were sorted out immediately with no fuss. They clearly take great pride in the quality of all the work done at every stage. All the specialists used have worked to a high standard, and the finishing touches make a really good impression. There have been many positive comments from friends and neighbours. Throughout the job there has always been good humour and a friendly relationship with all our family including the kids. The project has been on budget, though there were some unforeseen extra costs along the way (not Newcams fault, and we were happy to pay all of them). The timescale to completion has been longer than expected, which in our case was not a problem. Newcam offers a professional, honest and high quality service and we would recommend them to anyone.