Our Customers

Newcam believes our customers are the most important part of any build project we undertake. Your project manager will give you 100% support and you can decide how much, or how little you are involved with the entire process.

We ensure all our insurances are fully up-to-date and are able to provide a safety net for any unforeseen eventualities. We worry so you don’t have to.

All of our works are guaranteed so you can be sure that if anything fails to meet our high expectations Newcam will be there to offer full support and assistance at a moments notice.

Newcam is not here today and gone tomorrow, we are here today and here to stay. Contact Newcam for a free advice and estimating service so we can help you make your project a reality sooner than you think.


Rob and his team have replastered and repainted 2 bedrooms, plus hall, stairs and landing. They have installed an ensuite bathroom, external carpentry and paintwork. Last year Newcam gutted and replaced our kitchen.... more